We are excited to be expanding our team to include a sports performance coaching service solely dedicated to junior athletes.

Whilst we have been working with a handful of junior athletes over the past year, expanding our services will allow us to offer a formalised long term athletic development pathway within the Athlete Performance Centre (APC)!

Youth development is different to professional adult sports, so should be handled differently! As developing athletes, it is extremely important that physical health is looked after carefully. When children progress through as adolescents, a lot of changes occur that can both be advantageous and detrimental to sporting performance. By monitoring this, optimal training strategies can be built and implemented to ensure that no matter the level of maturation, nobody falls behind in the physical field!

Here are a few common and often difficult areas of youth athlete development that we can and have successfully supported:

- Osgoods Schlatter disease
- Management of late maturing athletes
- Peak height velocity monitoring
- Deselection or denied scholarships
- Speed and agility development throughout growth

What are your options?

As a KPI Academy athlete you will have the option to access group sessions, one-to-one coaching and the KPI app.

One-to-one coaching

You will benefit from all eyes being on you with a KPI coach watching every rep and individualising the session and your programme to suit your needs.

Small group training coaching

Training with teammates increases motivation through the element of competition and often boosts enjoyment. This also benefits parents with you being able to share lifts and the sessions are at a cheaper cost than one-to-one sessions.

Remote support

The KPI App allows us to provide direct coaching support wherever you are, whenever you need it. There is a youth module and community within the KPI app which is the perfect place for juniors to improve the physical and social side of their game with a community forum rendering motivation and healthy competition.


For athletic teams and clubs, such as a running club, we provide consultancy to focus on the long term athletic development of your group.

For more information on the above, please get in touch!

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